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Local Delivery for $7.00 within city limits of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Local Delivery for $7.00 within city limits of Winnipeg, Manitoba

What we will NOT sell

  • Baby food or formula
  • Baby Walkers (Banned) – Baby walkers have been illegal to sell in Canada since April 2004.
  • Bags of mixed various toys – they must be all the same (hot wheels, Thomas, Barbie etc)
  • Bath toys with holes in them
  • Clothing with rips, stains, holes, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers.
  • DVDS that are geared for older audiences (please no movies with sex scenes/content)
  • Dollar store toys / items
  • Items with strong odours (smoke, pet smell etc).
  • Items covered in pet hair (while we understand sometimes a few hairs can slip passed you, we will not accept items that look like the cat or dog just took a nap on it!)
  • Metal or wood swing sets or play structures.
  • Infant Bath Seats and Bath Rings as long as they are not on recall
  • Opened / used underwear
  • Jocks and jock straps.
  • Stuffed animals that do not do anything (move, sing, etc.)
  • VHS tapes
  • Video games and Movies rated M
  • Vintage Little people (the tiny ones with the hole in the bottom for your finger) these have been recalled by Health Canada. The playsets are still fine just no people.
  • ALL Used breast pumps and breast pump tubing / accessories
  • Video games - must have a rating of less then Teen – so early childhood, everyone and everyone 10 plus are the only ones that may be sold.
  • DVDS – can not be rated R or M
  • Baby Gates – that have large diamond-shaped openings or large “V” openings at the top
  • Cribs must come with information that identifies the manufacturer, model number, date of manufacture, and assembly instructions. Cribs made before September 1986 do not meet current safety standards and are illegal to sell under the law.
  • Strollers – Carriages and strollers made before 1985 may not meet current safety standards, and may not be sold. Strollers must come with a lap belt, or safety harness that is solidly attached to the seat or frame. Strollers must be accompanied by information that identifies the manufacturer, model number, and the date of manufacture.
  • Car Seats – Car seats must meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Before selling a used car seat, check with Transport Canada (1-800-333-0371 or for more information and to find out if the car seat has been recalled.